1. Raise The Dead
2. Rotten To The Core
3. There's No Tomorrow
4. Second Son
5. Hammerhead
6. Feel The Fire
7. Blood And Iron
8. Kill On Command
9. Overkill
10. Sonic Reducer

1. Raise The Dead
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Feel the power, rushing forward, it gets into your veins.
Almighty power, building higher, you'll never be the same!
I'm wanting more, I'm getting more of the feelings you can't tame.
I'm the master, you're the bastards, are you glad you came!?

The sign of life, your blood is red...
Come with us and raise the dead...!

Electric fusion, no illusion, terror in the night...!
Screaming thunder, white face murder, we complete the fright.
The earth is shaking, ground is breaking, we complete the rite.
The time has come for you to run, now take off in the night...

See the stone above his head...
Rise three days the prophet said...
The sign of life, your blood is red...
Come with us and raise the... dead!

Behind the headstone he is watching you...
Watching every move...
Behind the headstone see the body move...
Come to get fresh blood...!!

Are you glad you came?
Raise the! Raise the! Raise the!

2. Rotten To The Core
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I have got a secret, hidden behind my eyes.
A violation tragedy! of violence hate and lies.
Locked deep within a chamber, dark reccesses of my mind...
A tribute to insanity! through hours days and time.

Rotten! to the core

Recite the testimonial, truth and nothing more.
Accusations nominal! fall rotten to the core.
So take a look, read a book, reach a new plateau...!
But stain the soul a life you took,
you know not what I know.

Rotten! to the core

Misguided youth the bitter truth
Nothing left to chance...
Fallen angel seeking adventure, new romance.
How dare you touch you take the soul
Of one so pure so... white..!
The violation tragedy
Took all she had that... night!!!

Rotten! to the core

I have got a secret hidden behind my eyes.
A violation tragedy! of violence hate and lies.
Recite the testimonial, truth and nothing more.
Accusations nominal! fall rotten to the core.

Rotten! to the core
To the core!

Rot rot, rot rot, rot
Rot rot, rot rot, rotten! rotten! rot!
To the core!!!

3. There's No Tomorrow
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The hands of the wicked
They lie and they wait for you
Servents remember
The torture you put us through
Living in fear
Thoughts that never knew.
Your day has come and
Time has cought up with you!!!

There's no tomorrow
There's no tomorrow for all of you

You wish forever
The life you have will last
You can not deceive us
Remember your evil past.
We're! gonna get you
Destined for the other side
Nowhere to run.
No place to hide!!!

There's no tomorrow
There's no tomorrow for all of you...
Your life is through...

There's... no tomorrow... beginning or end
No choice of life... it lies in the hands...
Their minds are made... in the end...
No tomorrow... cause you are dead!!!

Then caught alive, your soul set us on fire
You scream for mercy, the flames and they burn you higher
Wished with hope not the truth that you would find
But its hard to live when life is so blind!

There's no tomorrow
There's no tomorrow for all of you...

4. Second Son
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Damned at birth, the child king born.
The prophets warned beware the second son.
Born to lead! And then raised in peace and harmony
My fellow man and I live as one.

Together forever!
Forever in the kingdom of the son...!

Watched in fear, another day the final year!
The light that fills our sky begins to die.
Haunted dreams.I sleep in terror wake in screams!
The scent of burning flesh fills sacred skies.

Skies filled with slaughter.
And slaughter from the order in my mind.....!

History unfolds as the prophets had fortold
And lightning strikes, the fire fills my eyes.
Hell hath claimed another soul now
Watch the spirit die.

Evil minds now rule my destiny!!!
A Sinner by my side won't set me free.
Thoughts of pain and power fill my veins.
All fear my name!!!
You were warned... of the child born...

Feel the fire! Expect no mercy!
Olympus burns! Father forgive me!!!
Know my wrath brother before me

5. Hammerhead
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Feeling the pain as it rips through my brain
Twisting whats left of my mind.
Tearing the same, this blood burning flame
Decaying all it can find.
Banging your head, stuck in the dread,
Leaving the posers behind.
Powers you see, the power you need
Nerves and bones we grind.

Hammer! Hammerhead.
Hammer! Hammerhead.

Knocked to the floor, left wanting more.
Scars decorate your face...
Playing the game, your never the same
The heat is melting this place
Emotion and fire!!, you never tire
Running a death metal race...
Kinfe in te back, guitar heart attack
Murder, rest my case.

Hammer! Hammerhead
Hammer! Hammerhead

No one can stop, our way to the top!
No one can get in the way
Necksnapping force, taking its course.
Keeping the dogs at bay.
Nailed to the wall, giving your all
We know that you ain't dead.
We know your name, know why you came
Your a fucking hammerhead.

Hammer! Hammerhead.
Hammer! Hammerhead!
Hammer! Hammerhead!...
Hammer! Hammer!

6. Feel The Fire
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Eat through the mounds of steel,
Sift through the metal.
Belly full, another deal,
Stopping would be fatal!
Round'n'round spins a forty-five,
Is it vinyl or a bullet?
One to kill one keeps alive,
Get on your knees and suck it!

Looking down the barrel, the feeling of new power...
Look up the weasle! Feel the reign of terror!

Crawling scratching to stay alive
He's lying on his belly.
One finger needed to rip apart,
The soul Belial carries.
Point your finger, scream in vain,
Not a soul is listening!
Never fast, you'll feel the pain,
Long cold barrel glistning!

Down the dead end street, he strikes to kill the weed.
I call the Devil, laughing as you bleed.

Prepare for your new life.
Satan waits... to... night!!!

No one cried when it was over,
Your life it had no meaning.
Even friends of J.A.R.
Quickly lost all feelings.
You had warnings, you had time,
Well that was all you gave it.
Said one day you'd be mine,
Your life you couldn't save it!!!

Angels raining down..., stories that they tell.
J.J. played with fire! now he burns in Hell.

Prepare for your new life.
Satan waits to... night..!

Higher! Higher! Feel the fire!
She burns at the stake like a witch!
Kill her! Slash her, slit her thoat!
There's nothing I dispise more... than a bitch!!!
Burn her tonight!
Run, hide from the Demon's fate,
To late, the fire is lit!!!

Come in a sit for awhile
Come in and feel the fire.
Feel the heat, feel the fire,
Fire of desire!!!
Fall in! Fall in! Ahahahaha
Feel the fire!!!

7. Blood And Iron
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Out for blood, take no prisoners
Out for the kill, and looking for donors.
As terror strikes, give your life
We drink your blood, a human sacrifice.

Ahh! Stick in the knife
Uhh... For blood and iron
Blood and iron

Thirst for more, our chosen path
Awake and find the Devil's wrath!
All those who dare and those who disobey
Alone you'll find, dead... as yesterday

Ahh! Fight for you life
For blood and iron...
Blood and iron!!!

All right donors! Donate!!!

Flesh of steel, a legion of donors
We are one... as our blood transfers
New found power raging through your veins
Blood metal donors eat! the last remains

For blood!!! and iron!!!

8. Kill On Command
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They came to the land, to kill on command.
They ride through the dark of the night.
Metal warrior stands over victims whose hands
Grab for their last chance of life.

Bright shields! sharp swords!
March forward for their Lord.
Set the bow, rulers come
Meet your maker.
Battle cries! silent screams!
Submerge the Devil in evil dreams
Feel the blade, rulers come
Meet your maker.

I live for the kill, I do it at will
Let the weak ride back to the lair.
Now they will kneel to leather and steel
Gasp for the last breath of air.

Blood runs! heads roll!
Enemy fear, take the soul
Set the bow, rulers come
Meet your maker.
Lash out! strike first!
Blood of the dead quench my thirst
Feel the pain, rulers come
Meet your maker.

A gilded warrior wonders why...
His fear becomes new life on high...
Looking down... the dead won't tell.
Why his soul existence lives on in Hell.
Long live the spirit...!
In a life that knows no end...
Many pass before him...
Many in the wind.

9. Overkill
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Riding the wind on a stormy night
Rides a mother's son to take your life.
They say he died ten years ago
But the list of victims seems to grow.
Like father like son the Bible read
Three sixes brand the top of his head
Never heard, seen then too late,
Overkill, seals your fate!!!

Driven by the host of hell
Wicked smile cross, the showing skull.
The victim dies no fucking loss
Overkill, buries the cross
That scarlet sin the soul is weary
Genre et morte, mal vivire
The fallen angel open the cell,
Overkill's victim enters Hell!

Who can tell me who I am
Am I Overkill each death a sin.
Questions linger as I walk the path
I am Overkill, the Devil's wrath!

So when you walk alone, in the night
And your bones are chilled, skin so tight!
Beware the sound of a galloping horse
Overkill has another corpse...

Ride high, ride tall
Overkill will never fall
Full moon, sharp sword
Satan is your Lord
Midnight, dark sky
Overkill will never die
Blood bath, die fast
Overkill the Devil's wrath!!!

10. Sonic Reducer
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I don't need anyone.
Don't need no Mom and Dad.
Don't need no good advice,
Don't need no human race!
But I got news for you:
I don't even needja too!
I've got my time machine,
Got my metallic dream

Sonic reducer!!!
Ain't no loser.
Got the sonic reducer.
Ain't no loser!!!
N n n n n no!!!

We go out on the street.
They don't know who I am.
I watch them from my room
They're all just passin' by.
But I'm not just anyone.
Yeah! I'm not just anyone!!!
I've got my time machine,
Got my 'lectronic dream

Sonic reducer!!!
Ain't no loser.
Got the sonic reducer.
Ain't no loser!!!
No! no! no!!!

I'll be a pharroh soon,
We'll form some kinda tomb.
Things will be different then,
The sun will rise again
And I'll be two feet tall.
And I'll be does it all!!!
I've got my time machine,
Got my 'lectronic dream

Sonic reducer!!!
Ain't no loser.
Got the sonic reducer.
Ain't no loser!!!
Got the sonic reducer. Sonic reducer!

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