1. Time To Kill
2. Elimination
3. I Hate
4. Nothing To Die For
5. Playing With Spiders / Skullkrusher
6. Birth Of Tension
7. Who Tends The Fire
8. The Years Of Decay
9. Evil Never Dies

1. Time To Kill

violent indecision, surge of mass religion
let me out of prison
i'm just killing time
every time I turn around
I start to hear familiar sound
counting down as time stands still
yes I think it's time to kill

time to kill

all the mental anguish
speaks a common language
I have yet to lavisha chance to walk away
every time I turn around
I start to hear a familiar sound
counting down as time stands still
yes I think it's time to kill

unknwowing, unseeing
revelations unfold before your eyes
relenting, repenting.
no time to think or comprimise
time falling, time calling
into a vord and seal the past
you're waiting, annihilating,
making it real, making it last
worn out comprimises
must be out of rises
see through all the lies
we don't walk away
every time we turn around
start to hear that familiar sound
new beginnings time stands still
yes I think it's time to kill.

2. Elimination

terminal, what disease
told me too late
what's this cough and wheeze
fatal, you're shittin' me
a second opinion
is what I need
laughin' in a windstorm
blowin' all the cornstalks down
cryin' in a funeral home
forward my mail, six feet underground


contagious, say why not
not just me
waitin' to rot
painful, yeah I know
when I had to go
i'm yankin' on my plug
and I can't seem to get it loose
pullin' all the stops
your ideals change. when you got
nothing to loose.

eliminate the right
eliminate the wrong
eliminate the weak
eliminate the strong
eliminate your feelings
eliminate too late
eliminate the hope
eliminate, eliminate

if I had just one more day
i'd turn it all around
i'd make a play of good, clean livin'
and dig me out of the ground
and if I had just one more day
i'd say it to your face
pull the plug on everyone
eliminate this race.
we want to cure
and we want it now.
reissue hope
we don't eare how
you're makin' a mess
diseasin' a nation
runaway train to elimination

hopeless there's no doubt
set on a slow burn
from the inside out
carefully say what for
last one out
closes the coffin door
spendin' all you saved
and wishin' for a little more
if i'm lookin' at the ceilin'
then I must be layin' on the floor.

terminal, what disease
told me too late
what's this cough and wheeze
fatal... you're shittin' me
a second opinion
there's gotta be
laughin' at the epidemic
something is going around
crying at the epidemic
pullin' on nails, six feet underground.

3. I Hate

got so much trouble
hate this job
tried to get out
trapped like a dog
no I don't like

pumpin' gas
do ya hate to wait
life's a game
play your rules
is the bottle half empty
or the bottle half full
it does no good
no good to shout
but I scream I hate
say i'm hostile
gotta relax
better get a grip
here's the facts
I hate bein' here.

I hate people that make ya feel small
I hate having my back against the wall
I hate bein' talked down to
I hate your rules
I hate'em all
hate bein' marked to take the fall
planet's not big enough for me and you

got trouble over me
surrounded by jerks
can't ya see
smile to my face
know ya lie
knife in my back another game
rules, rules, rules
not for me,
you fuckin' fool.

so open your mouth
one more time
and my foot is goin' down
in one ear
out the other
a waste of time
don't even bother
I hate bein' here

think I know
how ya got this far
think I know
got where we are
think i'll hate you
where you'll be dead
I know it, I hate you
smile to my face
know to die
says the problems
ask your self way
hate the games
hate the rules
you're gonna loose
say i'm hostile
gotta relax
better get a grip
here's the fact
not much more of you

4. Nothing To Die For

old enough to know better
too young to core
bent on self destruction
goin' nowhere
if I had a reason
I could make it work for me
if I had an answer

I wouldn't be so hard to see
i'm feelin' just the same
i'm feelin' just no pain
i'm not goin' down the drain

make my own decisions
just go away
take the consequences
just not today
got enough reasons
still nat workin' for me
got enough answers
still so hard to see
somethin' is confusin' me
somethin' is abusin' me
somethin' is refusin' me. life

let me live.I wanna give
i've been through hell and back
so many times before
take me there
I don't care where
and show me why
there's nothin' to die for too.

old enough to know better
too dead to change
went in with a full deck
goin' out deranged

thought I had a reason
tried, it didn't work for me
I had all the answers
I was too blind to see
mirror man in my eye
mirror man make you cry
mirror man make you die.

5. Playing With Spiders / Skullkrusher

standin' at the crossroads
which way you gonna go
and what you gonna do
when it comes
bargainin' a gasoline
take a ride on this machine
gonna get me some
when it comes

just how far you gonna go
somebody should let you know
once you're in you ain't get it out
put aside your foolish pride
so you take just one more ride
I don't think you know
what it's about
here it comes

ridin' on a livin hell
got another soul to sell
right is right and wrong is wrong
life's a dream
on this machine
and lasts just about as long
so ya think you know it all
and when you ride you never fall
well I got some news for you
entice you with a wicked smile
take a ride for a while
seems that the news is true
yes it's true.

oh take me away
on the ride of your life
oh put me away
last time of my life

ten thousand nightmares
ten thousand years
ten thousand martyrs crying
ten million tears
all the thinking never done
all the murder all the fun
wash the blood from your hands
bury your secrets in the sand
and forget
your mouth gonna dry
shortness of breath
symptoms of fear
symptoms of death

tracks go on for miles
through the agony and smiles
layin' there in pieces on the ground
what the hell you take a chance
krusher calls make your stance
when you're dead you never make a stand

race with the devil
engine's slowin' down
fifty years too early
you're laying underground... you're krushed.

6. Birth Of Tension

you're killin'me, your mouth is movin'
but I cannot hear you speak
life's a tragedy. go on livin'
in a world not for the weak
keep your dreams inside your heart
never let the pressure tear you apart
truth is whispered on a breath
loud enough to cover the smell of death

never thought too important to mention
livin' through the birth, the birth of tension
never thought too important to mention
livin' with the tension, tension, tension.

don't you understand too much tension, snap
where you lose your grip
too many demands start at birth, snap
from the bomb you're ripped
leave your dreams inside, behind
never had a reason that you'll never find
tension builds another way
gonna make you all go away

too much tension, all around
too much tension, bring you down
all the pressures in the narrow mind
all the reasons you'll never find
did you kill your father, sleep with your mother
idolize your sister, jealous your brother
did ya kick the dog, were you beat a strap
were you really be abused, were you fakin'
all that too tense

you're killin' me so many ways
so little time to think
life's catastrophe, my glass empty
and I really need a drink
movin' all so very quick
movin' so fast that it makes me sick
let me outta here
livin' ain't livin' with the tension and the fear

7. Who Tends The Fire

who tends the fire
who keeps the torches lit
who fills your eyes with smoke
so you can't see
I need the fire
I need the torches lit
to see through all the smoke covering me

I have seen the fires burning
burning through the night
I have watched the tides a turning
and they go from dark to light

what is this meaning
what does this writing mean
where do I go
what do I do for now
propheces are foolish
they never last
they never speak the truth
so why are they calling me now.

I don't know cause I cannot see
all i'm sure is gotta be
i'm not sure that i'm even me
but I know that I gotta be
yes I know that you're gonna die.
birth, life, death, is the reason why
save those fears that you're gonna cry.

cause I know that you're gonna die
yes I know I cannot see
and i'm sure that I gotta be
all these voices are killin' me
but they say that I got
say that I got
say that I gotta be me.

who tends the fire
who keeps the torches lit
who fill your eyes with smoke
so you can't see
I need the fire
I need the torches lit to see

8. The Years Of Decay

out on this road takes its toll
and you pay for everything you do
underlights, made me blind
this place is the same as last night
out of control takes its toll
but you learn to live with your dreams
speaking your mind to those you find
listening to what you have to say
I wouldn't change the way
I wouldn't stop the decay

promised the world, as your world
changed before your eyes
and the days became the weeks
and the weeks the years
and noone remembers that very first day
or how it slipped away
forever I wait, pulling in, pulling out
as the motors whine
to remind me i'm home
and i'm here to stay
as we decay
another day
decay away

i'm goin' home, I don't know where
i'm goin' home, not far from here

out on this road, paint this toll
make me whole, set the stage
fill it with anger, fill it with rage
no I don't know what's today
I know it falls in the years of decay
self, sacrifice, everynight

and together we paid a price in blood
that spilled out through the years
and another day passes away
look to the black, drawn farther back
look to each day, see the decay
times i've had, good and bad
win or lose, this is what I choose...

9. Evil Never Dies

revenge is sweet for thouse who wait
never early always late
waiting now to consummate
a marriage made in hell
hand in hand, walk alone
as good advice seems to drone
evil cuts right to the bone

has it come, awakens me
is it done and will it ever die
will it go. taking me
don't you know
evil never dies

keep me close to your heart
adversity will come apart
and finish just before you start
never question why
today was then, remenber when
skipping numbers one through ten
permanence through the pen

read the rights a prophete's word
i've learned to deal with the absurd
and reach a darkened
pinnacle of light

money hungry, power thirsty
penny piching, fear inflicting
double crossing, back stabbing
promising eternity for a price
suckin', brain washing
mind raping, soul stealing
constant preaching, salvation reaching
lowest form of human, fucking life
evil never dies

laughter stands accusing me
emotion stands abusing me
the battered and the bruising me
is there darkness when you die
I heard a sound noone there
I heard a shot noone cares
laughter turns into despair

evil hidden everywhere
evil has a chilling stare
null and void of any care
is where the answer lies
it does no good to beg or cry
it does no good to question why
it does no good it never dies
evil never dies

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